You must be wondering that this is yet another feminist post where I will fight for women rights, where I will explain how atrocious men are and where I will throw a fussilade of questions and make you ponder over all these situations. Well, I am no feminist talking here. This post is from a woman to a woman, heart to heart, where I want to share how I understand what all you do to make this world a better place.
Dear women,

You are not fragile, you are not cursed. Don’t blame yourself on being born women. You are just god’s favorite.You have been blessed with the power of going through the six day process every month and come out strong. You have been given the power to produce another of your kind within you and keep it inside you for nine months as that is the safest place where one can peacefully be. You are a warrior who manages all the household and the outside world and yet comes home smiling to your family. How can you call yourself weak? Do you consider the fighting against men an act of power and pride? Then if you want to do everything by yourself, why did God create men? Men are the ones who, with their strength help you against all the odds in life. They are important and they have to love you no matter what. I’m talking about all those great chivalrous men who have never misused their power and respected their women. They are your support system, they are the ones who never let you fall. Women empower women, men also empower women. All we need is equality, liberation and support.  Rest, no women is less than a warrior. You are an individual who is independent and doesn’t need to become like a man. You have your place in the society and you do not have to take someone’s place to show what you are. Because you are at the first place already.

I had to face a lot being a woman, but that never made me think of switching my gender. Why think like a man, when I can think like a woman and  do better in life. Do not compare yourself to any man. You are a woman. Be proud of it.

This women’s day, try to educate women and let them know how special they are. Don’t make them ferocious. Try to pull the best out of them. Love them and keep them happy. They deserve all the happiness of this world.

Happy women’s day.🙂


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