Alone. Why alone? You might have either said it to someone or you must have been questioned the same.  Being alone does no good, but it does no harm either. That is what I feel and   I presume, you might know the difference between being lonely and wanting to be alone, wanting to be by yourself.  The difference between Isolation and solitude.

Solitude vivifies; isolation kills. – Joseph Roux

Everyone needs their own time where they can relax and sit back, wonder about themselves, glaring at the sky full of stars or wanting to be one. It could be anything that soothes them and pleases them. Some want to go swimming alone, some just want to climb a cliff alone and watch the beauty around them, could be the sunset and the sunrise and some could even do a trivial thing like crying alone. So what is wrong with being with just your mind and soul? Being alone could be a temporary phase or a permanent one, who knows? But then, here I am, writing about what solitude means to you or me or anyone struggling with that word.


You might have come across people who call you self-centered just because you like being alone, you don’t get along with people, you mess things around and also when you have your own things to say but got no one to listen to it. What I feel is that people are not there to listen to your uninteresting and sad stories because they too have one or may be more to deal with. And that’s how a normal person becomes abnormal for the society.  He/she is not heard and if some try to hear you out, they call it intervention which clearly means an “action taken to improve a medical disorder.” This is NOT what we are dealing with, you see? People are coming up with helping hands and taking mental illness as normally as they take other body issues. But being isolated is not a PROBLEM. It is a CHOICE. They say, you should be a part of the society but do they come to hear you, to spend time with you when you are having your bad days? Do they willingly sit beside you to hear you cry like a baby? Just think about it. They will always have a lot of advises and counselling but nobody will synchronize with you, nobody gets the way you want them to understand you. They look at you, but  they never look through you. Then who do you have? Well, just YOURSELF. You are your only savior, your only friend. You have your time in hand, your introspection, and the abstract ideas which makes you a man of a solitary disposition. Don’t think of it as a negative trait, it could be a recovery or it could be the place you simply want to be in. And trust me, it is not easy to be in a state like this. It is beyond human endurance. Don’t call them weak or disoriented. They have their own way of coming out strong and contented. The least you can do is not judge them. They are in no way different from us and their predicament, their isolation could just be the only thing that connects them to the society.

What I notice these days is that, people cannot go alone anywhere. It’s like they are watched by so many eyes and then people talking about them as if something terrible has happened to them. When they see someone sitting or walking alone , they logic it out by premusing things like, it could be the dead of a close one , a breakup or a fight. But who knows, the person who sits there alone, sipping  coffee is all he/she might want in life. A person could just love eating  meals alone at his/her favorite restaurant or they even might  like watching movies alone.  It is their personal choice; it is not always a terrible idea. We need to understand and accept those people with open arms. Give them their space and let them have their own peace of mind. That could be a great help and if by any chance they are  dealing with something which is bothering them, let them take their own time to come up and speak if they feel like doing so. Because, everyone out there is dealing with something which could be beyond your imagination. Now why don’t you go out, take a walk, enjoy the cool breeze and have the time to yourself. Just remember this famous quote,” Solitude is bliss.”



8 thoughts on “I just want to be alone

  1. Well versed and thoughtful thinking. True, every person should have some personal space and introspect a bit. This helps in rejevuneating your energies and focus on important matters.

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