When you ask this question to yourself, the first thing you need to do is, close your eyes and think about, “what is art for you?” Then you need to ask yourself, “What does art do to you?”
Well, the meaning of art is subjective.

Who defines art? It is you.

Everyone has their own definition of art. What I feel about it, you can’t. It is not something I could transfer or drill into you to make you feel like I do. It is all linked to your emotions, your skills of Imagination and how you judge a piece of art.  Do not get fooled by the idea that “Art is beauty.” Art could be ugly too. Some scriptures are made ugly, but only a true artist sees the beauty in it. You always have the option of viewing art as you like. An abstract painting could be just a waste of time, but it could mean a thousand things to me.  Art is an emotion, as when you feel it, you are taken aback. You travel time, you day dream, you sit like an idiot and smile looking at your definition of art. It makes you wail like a baby, worry like a woman, and think like a man. A plump kid with curly dark brown hair and huge brown eyes, who sits in her mother’s lap, licking his first ever chocolate ice-cream, and dropping it carelessly on this shirt, is how art looks like to me. What thrills your heart and gives you contentment is art. This is the power of a three letter word, it has a huge world that engages you, and traps you in a chain of thoughts, which is difficult to break. Twyla Tharp, an American author once said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

If you ask me “how has art influenced my life?”
You would not get just one answer, rather there is no specific answer. There was no start and there is no end to art as it never stops influencing me. Art gives me chills down my spine and make my hair stand on end. Sometimes, it stays with me in my memories for a long time, long enough for it to fade and give space to another art to settle down.  Some days are hectic and jam packed, and I tend to miss so many things, which  give me an instant pleasure. But that could only be sheer misfortune. Most days I take out time for long walks in the night, when the roads are still and people slumber, when the calm and complacent moon plays a game of hide and seek with the clouds that run here and there and when the stars sparkling brighter than diamonds, shine in the darkness. The feeling I get while looking at the magnificence of this creation makes me realize, that there is so less time and so much to eye on. One should never give up on art,  as art is in you and art defines you.  My life has always been an art, like a novel which is still struggling to find an end, like a painting which is still not done, or like a movie which hasn’t reached to a conclusion. But let me tell you something, all good things take their own sweet time. Art will surely find its way. And so will your life as an artist.


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