Just look into this article by my friend. It is purely a work of mastery. It has psychology at its best. It is very relatable. It is very well expressed.

Aayushee Garg Poetry


There are people who are innocent.

There are people whom we can’t stand at all.

There are people who can’t stand us at all.

Among these are people who have been made bitter by time.

Who will understand them?

When I see almost every other person around me heartbroken, or struggling in personal life, thinking that they are worth nothing if they do not have a plethora of career milestones accomplished, or if they have nobody who truly understands them, or if they are sad about the fact that they can’t afford expensive jewellery or smartwatches or cosmetic kits or God knows what, or if they are simply amply bored with life, I feel sad. I feel bad. I feel the strength of this overbearing negativity upon me. How hopelessness possesses the immense power to tear people apart is what overwhelms me.

At the same time, I see people who…

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