We need to acknowledge the fact that everyone is different.(For those of us who forget this). We may be from the same community, same tribe or religion, we may be bound by a name, we can be roots of a same tree. That does not mean, in any way, that we are alike. We can have our own ways to deal with situations, we can have our own desires and own opinions.( Except some universal truths and lies). Like , come on , killing someone or torturing them can’t be one of our opinions.We probably get along with someone because either they are just like us or they are unique and enigmatic. 

If that’s the case, why do we judge?

I understand that judging comes naturally, in fact as natural as any other action of ours, but then why can’t we accept it? 

If one has an opinion, which is different from the other, let that person do what they want to.(Unless it affects you physically). We need to be careful with our minds, our mental peace is in our hand. You are the creator of the chaos in your own mind. If we care less about others opinions, nothing can ever affect us. Move away from that situation, and make peace. The power of controlling the self comes from within. Mark that.


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