To the times when you lost all Esperance, the times when you shed tears on your pillow, the times when you had no one to tell your heart-rending stories to.
Just remember, ‘This too shall pass.’

What I have been observing, for quite a long time now, is that there is a new movement which is catching everyone’s attention. Yes, I’m going to write about ‘The semicolon movement.’ All you need to know, or must be wondering already, is how it gained popularity and who started it. This movement was took place in 2013 by Amy Bleuel, who was inspired by her own personal struggle with depression, mental illness and her suicide attempts. She even lost her father to suicide. That was the time when she decided to come up front and motivate others by this gesture. But why a semicolon?
Literature and art give us the freedom to think in an abstract way and tells us that there is always a second approach to things in life. What we infer from a semi colon is that there is no end. You can take a break and then move on. The authors put semi colon to convey that the story is still left to be penned down or there is more to tell. When the author or a poet chooses to put a semicolon over a full stop, he restraints from ending his story. To the people who faced traumas in their life, this symbol conveys that life isn’t over yet. You can surpass this. We all have things to deal with, some survive, and some don’t. This symbol is a ray of hope, a token of love, a reminder of the darkness that overshadowed us.

People are getting tattoos, not just for themselves, but for the ones who are dealing with problems of depression, anxiety, or any tumultuous journeys. Don’t take this tattoo as just another stereotyped tattoo, this will make you grow from negative to positive. This tattoo is for your own self, which will inspire you, motivate you and help you to survive. When I first saw this semicolon tattoo, I was quite intrigued and wanted it to be a part of my body and soul for all I knew ,it would give me the strength to overcome my own struggles and deal with the storms that come my way. We all have been victims of some kind of hurricanes in life, but are we still stuck in those swirls of sorrow? Have we moved on or does it still jog your memory?
You can relate when people tell their stories to you, when they give you secrets which they have always kept locked up in their hearts. Some swallow the key, some hand it to the people they trust. We need to give them time, we need to hear them out. We need to encourage them. I have decided to get this tattoo for myself and for those who are not willing to live anymore. Life is like a roller-coaster. We whine, we moan, we laugh, we treasure. But don’t you feel dejected when it’s over? I want to let people know that life is a beautiful journey, come walk with me. Be a survivor and inspire others. You have had enough, and if there is more to come, grin and bear it, string along with it .All you need is to be an inspiration for someone else and let them know, 




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