I wished for a brother, and there he was.I cannot forget his smile and how pure he was.

To me, he was something I could always be proud of.

When I taught him to crawl, and even to walk.

We played good games, we knew no haste.

Childhood, with him ,was never a waste.

We grew up together, had love and war.

To reach each others arms was never that far.

Then he made friends which he never knew were his foe,

After I met them, I judged them top to toe.

I tried to push them away from my dear little brother.

But alas! He didn’t listen to me any further.

I was worried, I was in pain.

To see him grow monsters in him, I felt disdain.

I wish that innocence comes back, 

I wish he understands,

That he is no more a person he would like himself, 

He is not the little kid I knew back then.

Oh brother, forgive me, If I gave you pain, or made you insane.

Please come back and be the same, the same little innocent child who crawled to me for I was his main.


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