What is it like to be in a room without lights? Many must be wondering which dark room in particular I am talking about. Well, for that you just need to close your eyes and enter in to your very own dark room. Yes, you are right there. That is your personal private space where nobody else can enter. It is you, who knows how big it is, what is in there or who is in there. We are all, at some point in our lives, addicted to a certain kind of pain. It comes from a failure, failure of losing something or someone precious to us in life. Then where do you go…? Into our dark room. Where there is just one color as dark as nothing could ever be. Funny thing is, we want our lives to be colorful but our favorite color to dress into is mostly black. I mean, nobody wants to walk like a rainbow on streets. Whatever black does to you, cannot be matched by another color.

But what does Black signify? Death, Depression, Disaster but no delight in our lives. It’s like Life is a paint brush and you are the canvas. Life has its stages in form of colors ready to be painted on you , but every time , it picks a black color for you, making you more dark and pushing you towards darkness and depression,. But remember, Depression is not what you dwell in or stay forever. Just like happiness, it is also a state of mind where you are lost in your dark room.  It is you, who knows the way out. Just open your eyes, face the reality. That simple. Whenever you wish to sleep in your dark room, remember what NOT to think about. Humans are known to have the most destructive minds. Use yours cautiously. You never know, what you imagine, may come true. Choose your thoughts wisely and try to find a way out of your dark room. Don’t let any negativity touch you, Meditate if necessary.
Depression comes to all, may be for a day, a month or a year. But no one else, but you know the way to fight it. Addiction to it makes you weak and fragile. Don’t let your soul just die. Make your life worth living,



2 thoughts on “My Dark Room

  1. I like how you pick up on how the colour black is such a prevalent part of the human experience. It’s not something I had thought about before! I wonder how we got here – why do we dress up in black for funerals for instance. Sure it symbolises death as you say, but personally when I go I want people to wear whatever they want. Not that I’ll be there to appreciate it, but it’s mystifying really – surely we should be celebrating the person’s life and achievements – not focusing on the fact they are no longer here?

    A very thought provoking post. Thanks for posting it! 🙂

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