In the month of December she was born, the month in which you get chills down the spine, the month of Christmas, she was born to a Hindu Brahman family. As she grew older, she was sent to a convent school where all she saw was a church, some nuns and a father. She spent a decade there, with morning prayers to Jesus, a prayer before the meal and then after the meal to thank God, the Almighty. She was taught that there is ‘Unity in Diversity’ in our country, which is probably the only nation where people belonging to different caste, cultures or modes of living live together in harmony and believe to be the children of one mother – MOTHER INDIA. Even after years of passing out from her school, she had reminiscences of her school. December was thrilling for her back then because there were Christmas celebrations at school. Then there was a play on how Jesus was born, there was a choir singing Christmas carols, the brownies and the chocolates every child got and then that marked the starting of the winter vacations.
Once in her twenties, when it was the 25th of December, she thought of having a Christmas celebration by decorating the Christmas tree and calling some friends and few relatives home. Her cousin made a chocolate cake which lot of chocolate sauce and we ordered some food from the hotel. They were all excited for a party. That day, she thought of inviting her Grandfather. She made a call at his place and then the voice from the other end came, ‘beti meri, kaisi ho?’ She responded with a genial smile, ‘Namaste baba, main theek hun, Merry Christmas “.
“Merry Christmas? No, not at all. We are not Christians. I can’t be tolerant.
“But Baba, why can’t we celebrate Christmas? I am a Human first. Being raised at a convent school, I never forgot my Culture and never even neglected others. Why such indifference? “
He then said nothing but hung up.

She was taken aback. 

Why are some people so rigid when it comes to religion? Why can’t they understand that India is all about the variety of cultures?

 It was very saddening to hear such thing from her own grandfather. Well, She still had a great party that day. Though her Grandpa never turned up but they all had fun.





Christmas is an irenic festival. It is all about doing something extra for someone. It is eudemonic as it marks the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary. We exchange gifts on this day and sing Christmas carols.  Christmas is about Santa, too.

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We all love Santa. Back in our childhood, we were told that Santa comes to deliver us gifts. Being naïve kids, we all waited for Santa to give us what we want for Christmas. Early morning on Christmas we got our desired gifts, but that wasn’t Santa, of course. It was either the mother or the father, who for the sake of Christmas presents, kept one to our surprise. The whole Santa Claus thing has been a mystery to me or may be all of us? We always wondered about the existence of Santa but don’t we do the same for God? Well Christmas is not just a public holiday, it is to feed the poor, forgive those who are guilty and welcome the ones, unwanted. Spread Love and believe in God.




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