Young woman sitting at cafe table reading book, close-upIt was just another day for her, light blue denim jeans with a regular white shirt and a pink scarf, holding a novel and her favorite black coffee on the table.She had attractive light brown lenses and dark brown straight long hair   Her lodge was close to a coffee shop where she often sat to have her own leisure time alone. She was one of a kind, nutty as a fruitcake. She was temperate, yet seemed perplexed each time she used to talk to anybody in the shop. Every person working there knew her as she carried a short sweet smile to greet them. She was never a very joyful person. She was just doing well in her life. During her college hours, everybody used to sit together, unlike her.  Her head was always in the clouds, a day-dreamer she was. That evening in the coffee shop, something changed, the old manager was substituted by a young fellow (probably his son), who seemed to be around in his late twenties. He was very eye-catching, carrying a polo with jeans, an exclusive Armani watch and classy black moccasins. He was a graduate from a university of London and had come home in his vacations. The girl sat there, waiting for the cheque as it was her time to go.

Arjun walked to the girl,

How was the coffee ma’am?
Oh, it was just like the one I had yesterday.
Well, then if you come tomorrow, I will make sure, you get a better one.
Thanks, said the girl. She paid and returned home.

 By the time, there were dark clouds in the sky, she used to get blue.  She called herself a depressed soul as there was nothing startling in her life.She was made of all complicated things, always felt grey. .  An aspiring person who wanted to be groomed in as, an independent rich woman. There was something missing in her life as if the puzzle of her life wasn’t getting resolved. Some shards were yet to be fixed in right places. But that time, she was thinking about her coffee, or may be the manager’s son itself. The next day, she was dressed a bit cautiously, looked more beautiful. She sat in her regular place waiting for her coffee, a different coffee as promised by Arjun. In a couple of minutes, Arjun arrived with the coffee and sat with her. For the first time, she wasn’t reading her novel, but staring at the man. He saw her blushed for once or twice, glittering eyes and a bigger smile than her usual one.
Arjun kept staring at her, while she had her first sip of coffee. couple-flirting-at-coffee-shop
He broke the silence and asked, ‘So is this different?’
I would rather say, it made my heart melt and mollified my mind.
You are such a beautiful lady, why don’t you smile a bit more?
Well, let’s just say, it’s been ages since I have been pink, felt pink all over.
Haha! And for you pink is?
Compassion, Unconditional love and affection‘, replied the girl.

Do you read a lot of romantic novels, girl?
From today onwards, I will. (She blushed, again).


She was in love with the black coffee that made her grow from blue to pink. She was in love with Arjun. Life is so colorful. There is so much more than black and white.There are ways of understanding people that do not require words. But all you need is to quest for what makes you pink. Love is an amazing emotion only when it strikes the right color in you. When are you turning from blue to pink then?


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