That morning when I woke up, I tried to peep through my windowpane for my idea of beauty. I had seen her coming the very day. The snow was gradually covering everything. The haziness on the glass and the golden sun hiding behind the clouds made me realise that winter was coming.  I was in my best of moods that day.It is a very old saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Well, yes like everyone I too, have my first love. I have an immense love and attachment with the winter season. Being a December baby, I have loved the magnificence of winter with all my heart. Winter has always been special to me as it has made me fall head over heels for it. Haven’t you realized lately, how pure it is?  
Look through my eyes and you will perceive the striking picture of the chilly winters. The short days and long nights. The time when the sun is of less significance, when the cold water droplets fall from the end of leaves, just like pearls are tumbling down. When you see snowflakes and fog, when you sit by the fireside, when you get the opportunity to shovel snow and make snow balls to hit each other. And who doesn’t loves making the snowman? Imagine yourself in a very cold place, won’t you go for ice skating? How about the love for winter fashion? Furry coats, gloves and a scarf, right?
Well, that’s what winter does to me, it gives me chills down my spines, literally.Something like winters is no ordinary thing. A hot coffee with a novel inside a white furry blanket gives me so much pleasure and eases my mind. But Walking through the collected snow on the roads, is not a bad idea even. The trees and the grounds are covered in fresh white snow. You can never run out of options in winters. Whether you stay in or out, you will surely relish this season.This season will never betray you and will love you eternally. I will never want this beauty to vanish in few months as this separation is of long term. My beauty visits me once a year and that is the time I cherish the most and spend the rest in waiting for next winter to come. If you ever want to fall in love with the winter, hunt for people who can elucidate the essence of this season. Once you fall in love with it, you will never want anything but, winters forever.
Beauty does visit once a year and I wait eagerly for my next winters. I hope I did make some winter lovers here. I hope this winters would be fervently awaited for. Winter is coming. Make the most use of it before it runs away as no winter lasts forever. 



18 thoughts on “Beauty visits once a year

  1. Well the blog writer woke up, heard the call of heart n inked down something which was needed the most on 24th july, multi purpose hall, clock’less’ tower.
    The workshop ‘Ink Heart’ finally got the piece of beauty a day back.
    I have forwarded this piece of beauty to Dr.Geetanjali for her expert comments.
    All the best 🙂

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