We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we chose to act on. That’s who we really are. – J.K. Rowling
There was this girl, the queen of scars, who chose black as her color for her entire life. A white beauty with blonde soft curls, a masterpiece. Must be curious to know the reason behind her scars? Well, this quixotic mademoiselle was once in love. A love so honeyed, that every bee died out of jealousy when they saw them together. He was the only handsome in town. But do looks cover it all to fall head over heels for someone? You cannot judge someone at the blink of your eye, and not even for the rest of your life. Like life, people too are unpredictable.
She had known him for a decade, then he showed his true colors. Like any other ordinary story, she too was dumped by him for another girl. For men are lazy and thirsty, they want to have their drink, enjoy it, but they leave the last sip and get themselves another drink. Then, why are all men not the same? Maybe, because they know the value of the thing they have. Kind of kind eh? Talking about the girl, she destroyed herself, the beauty she had was turned into red marks. She was too innocent to bear such denial. So she decided to cover herself black, as black hides it all. She was now a beauty only seen, her inner self had died. She had no wings to soar, no dreams to keep, and no one to love. The scars, the pain, the trauma was overpowering but black did brighten the beauty yet again.

This was just another story , we all have one of our own relatable. Maybe a betrayal of love or  any other trauma to bear. Infidelity is in vogue, is contagious .So save yourselves from insidious and treachery roaming around. Once you live here, you belong here. But you always have an option to corner yourself, when such things are sticking around. Remember, you only live once, and if once if worthy then once is enough.images



5 thoughts on “Black hides it all.

  1. Black keeps things hidden..true..but a day always comes when light brightens it up and shows whats hidden..what has grown within it. Things happening without plans are shown and the beauties unknown to normal peoples are seen.
    your articles are really great, makes my mind question unknown stuff. Do keep writting.. 🙂

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