“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.” ― Oscar Wilde.

Well today I am going to talk about the lost humanity amongst us. We are born humans, all of the same kind. We grow like the others and do things like others. But do we think like others? Well, I presume this age to be of sinners who wander like psychopaths and are unaware of the human in them. Crime is their favourite game, where they are the best criminals. But WHERE IS THE HUMAN? There is some kind of a sweet innocence in being human. But Humanism is now fading away. I looked over pages and searched the web for the sins I was oblivious of. And there I found such bitter truths, where killing or rather butchering was a matter of pride to them. For instance, there was this case where the girl confessed,
“He told me that he loves me and then asked me out. We got laid and he left.”
What? Really? Are the teenagers out othe-killing-season-4-key-art-poster-smallf their mind? You are being played by your lover. You are trusting them with everything you have? WHERE IS THE HUMAN?

Another case I heard of, mother killed her daughter because she was in love with a boy of lower caste. Could she not make her understand, could she not be kind? Mother is the only person on earth whom we trust more than anyone and she could be the last person to kill her child. But this era shows the dark side. WHERE IS THE HUMAN?
I saw another devastating news on the television once, where a 15 year old boy slits his younger brothers’ throat as he wasn’t giving him his video game. This is what he leant from his parents. What is the scenario actually? Humans are turning into vindictive characters. They are losing themselves to the bad. WHERE IS THE HUMAN?

There is so much of corruption, deception, and carnage. Newspapers are full with these kind of reports. Where are we heading towards? Are we making the aberrant and immoral world? Losing all values that are taught, deceiving our own people, fighting with our family and friends. Madness is seen in those bloody eyes. But dare you, every debauchery ends one day. Your day could be near.
Well, the key is kindness and integrity. We should have a resilient temperament and should be able to conquer the vices. With all the senses full of zip, we must know how to differentiate between the genuine and the malevolent. The era is full of sinners, don’t be a part of them. Grow with sincerity. Learn,pray, be wise and do well. BE THE HUMAN.



7 thoughts on “WHERE IS THE HUMAN

  1. Well Shambhavi I do look forward to what’s coming up on your blog every time not bcz its something classy or different but bcz ur blogs focus on those minor subjects of life which we normally overlook. Its realy one of the best blogs for awareness on minor events around us from which we can have deep lessons. Good keep it up.

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  2. Your writings are really combendable. Good thing about this blog is that the examples u took make this blog even more interesting coz these things are actually going in our society !
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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