This is a story of a boy, who is supposedly a friend of mine. I won’t be mentioning his name or his whereabouts but this is dedicated to him. This is his real story. This is veridical.

It has not been much time knowing him, but what I gathered about him is that he is a lover of nature, an altruist, a secretive person who keeps to himself and yes he is a handsome gentleman. He is restricted to black, white and grey, the basic colours and never seems to open to anything bright. He kind of finds darkness appealing and pleasing to his senses. He lacks sophrosyne. Every person is bound to have glitches and tensions in life, but some have awfully critical turning point. We sat together one day and I had that zeal of knowing people and their life so I asked him, “What is that story that you hide deep within? I know there is something, I can see it in your eyes.

We were growing as good friends so he decided to end my inquisitiveness. I was all the more active and had my eyes and ears open wide. Then he started,
I was just four, just like other kids, happy and playful. But things were not working between my parents. They used to fight a lot and had their never ending arguments. I used to watch them through the keyhole of my bedroom door with a lot of terror in my eyes. Both of them had certain misgivings that nagged them. They were so happily hitched and got married after completing their education. They were in deep love before marriage, school time partners. Both became Chartered accountant and had their work place in different cit80704-71332ies. It was the distance that made their love fade. They were skeptical about their relationship and love. But both in their heart valued each other. Love is so enigmatic, sometimes. Then they got separated and I got perturbed. I had to stay 6 months with mom and the other 6 months with dad. I wasn’t liking this chaos. Sooner I got to know that I was a victim of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that appears in early childhood. It gets difficult for people to inhibit their spontaneous responses—responses that can involve everything from movement to speech to attentiveness. ‘This is the reason, I don’t get along with other people’, he said.
I grew up seeing constant fights but I still believe in my family. I still have faith in them and I know they love each other a lot. But they don’t understand what it has made me. Their separation has affected me to an extent where I have lost faith in anything that seems real to normal people. I created a world of my own and started living in it. He was strong enough in this world but when he reminisced his past memories, he was broke..

This was his story which made me contemplate and over-think that why some married couples cannot understand the value of togetherness. Having a child makes your life, their life too. You think about your problems and griefs while you fail to notice how the child is taking up these things. He is somewhere overflowing with sorrowfulness and agony. You married for a reason and when you got the reason to live, you detached. There is no married life which is an easy going track, but one can surely manage it under a roof, their home. Your child needs your love and time.
Remember what made you stick along for so long and try to face each other. The love never dies. Insecurities makes their way through the hearts.If one of the two tries to resolve the problem, the other automatically understands. This is way it works,somebody has to sacrifice a little and if both do it for one another, there can never be a problem. Love is a different feeling for every other couple but it is surely a beautiful reason to live. I hope you do it for your child, the one who craves for your togetherness. The one who has enormous love for you both. The one who still believes in a family, his FAMILY.


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