It was a bit late to discover that no one has been or is, the same person with everyone. Not one or two, some even have more than that. I am talking about the nature, the faces. I was told to be cautious of the two faces, for they carry two brains, two hearts and even two souls. They have much of a chaos in life, the kind that devours all things they don’t understand. Some just follow the crowd in search of a face. They are destructive and unpredictable. But when I went deeper into knowing more about this weirdness, I discovered that I too was a prey to this.
Now as you would like to know what does “The second face “ really means is that for instance, you have a different life at different places, as in school, you behave differently with your friends and you are different with your teachers. At one point of time, you carry two faces. I believe that there is someone who controls our mind and send signals to the brain, just to let you know what kind of behaviour is to be expected out of you when you are with certain people.

But it gets rough with those who are vicious and obnoxious. The people who carry this kind of face within. How can the innocence ever decipher the hidden truth when the face carries purity so well that the devil sits inside and laugh. It is indeed a derring-do to know the real face, the second face. For it is easy to hide and diddle but hard to be naked with the truth. The millions carry the other millions within and we spend most of our time knowing who the person really is. The reality is harsh to be accepted.

When I checked on myself to know what face do I carry within, I realised that it has nothing to do with the first one. We can abandon it right away by overpowering the first one. It is going to be a tough battle to be fought between the two but remember what we learn from the ancients that the truth has always won over the vice. All you need is to know who the damn sits inside you and how you have to deal with it. For it is said that the mask falls off often and we are not able to judge that right away. Everybody has their second face, it’s you who has to decide which one you can live with and which one who have to part ways with.
P.S. Being honest and selfless can never be underrated. You gain respect and admiration. Spread happiness and be kind. It takes nothing to be someone’s reason to smile. 11176640_1482823435337121_1782896602_n


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