Some stick with coffee, some with tea.Some like drinks,and others weed. It could be a thing or a feeling which holds you back from being yourself. That’s addiction. Every addiction, no matter what it is, is the result of trying to escape from something by going in the direction of a need that is currently not being met. The urge is always there. There is always something stronger than you which pulls you downwards and you become helpless. There are two possibilities, either you are an addict or an addiction.
As in my case, pain is addicted to me. My life without pain is no life at all. I recollect myself after I lose my self to pain and sufferings. The atrocities of life never ends. Once I looked for happiness beyond everything, but pain couldn’t resist from sticking around me. That’s how it goes. The more I try to move apart, the more it follows me. What can I do with this life, life does all to me. Everything seems so complex that to know oneself it would take more than a life. No one can run away from this life. I decide to live a life after death. Where no one can hold you, no one can haunt you. Let me be an addiction to someone. And if someone asks , “What’s your addiction?”. The answer could be me. For I want to be someone’s drug. Someone’s addiction



9 thoughts on “What’s your addiction?

  1. another masterpiece from you. love to read your blogs. pain is something from which we can’t runaway and we are standing at a bridge, where one way goes to pain and other to happiness and we have to choose which way we’ll go.

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    1. Well what i feel is nothing is constant in life. We get pain and happiness equally. But if you want to keep yourself happy, no one can stop you. Never expect the happiness. It will come eventually ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Indeed, you are right. Whenever I read your blogs I got a feeling that I am talking to various emotions. You know how to add life to words. Really spectacular!
    Keep writing.
    God bless you.

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