The cafe attack in the heart of Sydney ended early Tuesday with the demise of the gunman and two of his hostages. The hearts were still lamenting over these innocent people and just then they heard another devastating incident in Pakistan. Radicals from the Pakistani Taliban had attacked an army school in Peshawar, killing approximately 141 people, 132 of them were children. When this dreadful news flashed on the television, I stood numb. Why these innocent children had to be targeted by ruthless Taliban’s? This brutal attack brought tears all over the world. This is so saddening to know that the little innocent children won’t be able to see the New Year 2015.

images (2) images
When I woke up this morning, I had tears rolling down my eyes. My mind was heavy and my heart was mourning. Who knew that these coldblooded terrorists would take revenge from these youngsters? Who knew that the kids will be shot dead in such a place where they went to study and play? Be it any country, all are God’s children. Ya Allah! Why our sons? This could be heard from every parent who couldn’t believe that their sons have left them. This school massacre may well be a turning point for a country long alleged by the world of treating extremists as assets. I wholeheartedly pray for the kids and their parents. It’s terrifying for other children too but they should not lose hope and stand for their rights. I just hope that such vehemence should cease and peace be bestowed on every country.

It was a BLACK DAY, undeniably for one and all worldwide. images (1)


3 thoughts on “Innocence was killed

  1. Studied from the same school… The day we APS will never forget nor the country…
    Nd terrorism has no face no country no religion…we never taught them as our allies here u are wrong… They are simply beyond counrol American pigs.


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