Times back, I met a beautiful lady aged around 60’s in my grandmother’s home. She wore a plain sari, had no vermilion on her forehead and even wore no bangles which indicated she was widowed. She was introvert and shy kind of person, who spoke less of her. Having those wrinkles across her face, she still seemed attractive. I had always been curios to know about people and their life.

So I asked her, Granny, have you ever loved someone?
She laughed and said, I have been married, my child.
I asked again, have you ever LOVED someone?
She got the idea and decided to express about it.
So she started…
When I was around 16, I had my neighbor Rajesh who was blind. We used to play, have fun and we made a good company together. I was a kind of backbone to him as most of the time I was his guiding light. He was tall, handsome and attractive. He loved dressing. Being sightless, he always wore a watch. Sometimes I wished if he could see but this kind of urge was something which couldn’t be achieved as he was a mere middle class fellow and couldn’t pay for the operation. Being all time together with him, made me fall for him and I was drowning in his love. And in those moments, I swear we were infinite. That kind of feeling was unique for me. I used to blush whenever I met him but he was oblivious of all this because he was unable to judge my expressions due to his blindness. It was only friendship from his side. I started day dreaming about him even when we were together but being a shy person, I feared to confess my love for him. My love was blind so I became numb. I never could tell him how much I was in love with him.
Soon I got married at the age of 18 and shifted to a new city. My family was a very strict so I feared telling them about my love and negotiated with Jatin, my husband. Unfortunately within 5 years of our marriage, my husband passed away .I couldn’t give him a child because there was no love between us. I simply couldn’t love him. I was wedged with Rajesh and missed him each second of my life. I regretted being numb. Your granny has always been a supportive neighbour, now she is my only companion. We go along well and so I come to meet her often. I have survived a long way alone.
Then what about Rajesh uncle, Granny?
Where is he?
I asked.

She said,
Well, I tried to gather information about him and got to know that he had married at the age of 24 and is living with his wife and two young beautiful daughters. But before this news had knocked my door, I was always in a hope that one day may be he could come to me with a rose and take me along with him. And now that hope has perished and I still regret  being numb. But I’m happy for him .

For some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be together.

So this was all about her. Everybody has their own special extraordinary love story.

Some are met, some are not. Some are written, some unwritten.

Unfortunately, i could not get her real picture.ab29dfbb5057fa519cb8af5ed8631121forever-growing-old-together-life-lifetime-Favim.com-594079


7 thoughts on “Love was Blind,I Numb.

  1. Simply aaaawsmmm,
    since the time when I read ur first blog till now I have developed a feeling that u r Lady Chetan Bhagat…;-)


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