LGBT  stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. The initials LGBT is not agreeable to everyone that they literally encompass. Why do people think that they are different from us? Aren’t they born out of the same woman as you were born out of your mother? Then why are they interrogated about how they feel for the same gender. Why don’t they have the sovereignty to accept and love their partners? Who has to be blamed?  It is the society! It is the general public! It is YOU!

The society wears a facade, inside they are just so phony. They don’t understand and accept any exceptional behavior by mankind. LGBT’s are treated in the worst condition that could be imagined. They are cornered from everywhere. They don’t even get the jobs. And surprisingly, their parents don’t stand up for them. As in many cases, they have discarded their children. Some cases that have come out are of the sexual exploitation of these kind of people. They don’t have their own identification. These are the individuals who are overlooked, made fun of, and imitated by the regular people. Just because you are born common doesn’t gives you the right to indulge in such kind of inhuman and insensitive behavior. Had it been you in their place, you would have wanted to get the general public’s attention.They are not at all different from us. Learn to accept them. Make them a part of you. They need your love and suppimages (2) images (1)ort. Open your minds to such kind of things and let people know about it. Spread love to get love.Be HUMAN!


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