Me:- I would never get trapped in love, Maa.
Maa: – But baby it conquers all and you will someday find a better half for you.
No Maa, I won’t because there is nothing called LOVE in this world.
As I always saw and assumed that everything including love was momentary. People get attached to each other when they are together. But then you know I say, c’mon man! Its 21st century, life is a race and we have to run. Being awfully emotional, still not believing in this feeling… Yes that is me!
Even after marriages, it just becomes a responsibility. Don’t you agree?

Or haven’t you heard about wife swapping and things like this?

And what about the males who get involved with escorts when their wives are pregnant?

And not leaving behind the fact that even women who have working husbands do get along with other men.
The worst part is people think adopting this western culture is something very cool. Even they feel that ‘One man woman’ or ‘One woman man’ thing is so mainstream and mundane.
Trust me, crime begins at home. Emotions are dead. Physical pleasures are what people rely on.
Ha-ha! And you feel I will do this mistake of trusting a guy for love. No. Never.
Even in most of the relationships, you know what people say
“Hey! We guys are together since 4 years”
“You know we are together since 10 long years and we thinking about getting engaged”
Wow big thing man!
And then once they call up and say, babe he just got bored over me and dumped me, I can’t live without him or vice-versa.
So what do you assemble from this… Well halloo… I am not that cool. And to be honest, I am not waiting for any prince charming to come. I am strong and independent.

1167_f31e477b2fc78505fd1c38a8fb7e3ff1  But then let’s see if too… you never know… Anything can knock your door!


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