There are days I feel so empty but still some kind of load over me.My brain seems to be dysfunctional.

Which road am I on? Is there a way out?

Unaccomplished tasks, Unreliable People, and Incomplete life.This makes me feel so low and my heart aches and craves for love.But I find a road leading nowhere.It gives me an indication that there is no end to problems. As it is said “Life is not a bed of roses”.

But are these thorns on my way only? Or am I  pessimistic towards the approach of life.?

Materialistic people,Mechanical world.

Are emotions Dead and Humans alive just to breathe ?

No hand to hold, No Company to walk and no laughs together.

Are the people changing or  is it the whole of the system to be blamed?

 Trust me this road will lead you nowhere but depression.I should rather stop thinking and start accepting the things coming

my way. Stay raw and live life to the fullest.                                                         Camera 360


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